The Pop-O-Matic die roller makes real R2-D2 sounds while you move your pawns all over the board. Pop the bubble to save R2-D2 in this Star Wars version of the classic Trouble game! Get poppin' and hoppin' when R2-D2 is in the bubble! AtariAge - News, message boards, rarity guides, game database, manuals, pictures, articles, links, and much more AtariAge - Atari 2600 Hacks - R2-D2's Jawa Trouble Have You Played Atari Today? In this case it’s R2 starring in the Trouble board game. Play the classic Trouble Game and race to get all four of your colored pawns around the gameboard - and then back to the finish first! Give the bubble a pop to get Artoo on his feet! View and Download Hasbro R2-D2 operation manual online. R2-D2 is stuck in a force field, and it’s up to Luke Skywalker and C-3PO to get him free. The Pop-O-Matic die roller makes real R2-D2 sounds while you move your pawns all over the board. Get them all … Enjoy this fun game LEGO Star Wars the Quest for R2-D2 totally free here at Includes plastic game unit with Pop-o-matic die roller and R2-D2 character, gameboard, 16 plastic playing pegs and instructions. [ Announcement ] R2-D2 Key Features, FAQ's & contact info Tomick: 1: 18,428: 20/11/2018 11:21:09 by Tomick [ Announcement ] Start your R2-D2 build for just £9.99 and Full Kit also available! Bring the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge experience home with the Droid Depot mobile app. The out-of-this-world app, available for free download on the App Store and Google Play, brings your BB-series or R-series astromech droid unit from Droid Depot at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to life for a galactic experience at home. This game has received 12 votes and has an average score of 5 have fun every day on kukogames with the best games. Add in the special Star Wars themed rules and see if you can help … R2-D2 is stuck in a force field, and it's up to Luke Skywalker and C-3PO to get him free. Ages 5 and up. For 2 to 4 players. Great new take on the classic game. With Artoo’s help, you can fly around the board at galactic speed, bring out another pawn to help you, or bump one of your opponents’ back before they do it to you! Star Wars R2 D2 Trouble Board Game. Just ask C-3PO. LEGO Star Wars the Quest for R2-D2. The Star Wars R2-D2 Ultra Mini Bobble Head is 3-inches tall, will bob up and down and keep you company on the dashboard of your X-Wing fighter or at your desk. On mobile devices, … Help Anakin Skywalker and C-3PO race around the chamber to save R2-D2 from the force field! R2-D2 toy pdf manual download. He’s in trouble and needs your help. Only $18.50 from Amazon. The board looks a lot more futuristic than the original and a tiny R2-D2 figurine is included inside the popper along with the die. During the game, try to send your opponents' pawns back to HOME. Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (not included). Featuring the Pop-o-Matic die-rolling bubble with authentic R2-D2 sounds! The pieces are similar to that of the regular Trouble game, though this game comes with stickers to place on them. 84895.

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