Look up Lemp Mansion!! O'Fallon Neighborhood; Old North St. Louis Neighborhood; Patch Neighborhood; Peabody Darst Webbe Neighborhood; Penrose Neighborhood; Princeton Heights Neighborhood; Riverview Neighborhood; Shaw Neighborhood; Skinker DeBaliviere Neighborhood; Soulard Neighborhood; Southampton Neighborhood; Southwest Garden Neighborhood; St. Louis Hills Neighborhood I currently live in the burbs, but south Hampton near Loughborough (st louis hills) is super nice. a home recycling container for $1 is available while supplies last to city residents, New Life Evangelistic Shelter at 14th and Locust, Cable: AT&T Uverse, Charter Cable, Dish Network, Internet: ArchFiber, AT&T, Charter, CenturyLink, others, see, Trash & Recycling: Varies by municipality, City has trash dumpsters or curbside bins and there are voluntary. I'm getting pretty familiar but a am still unsure about what is considered North county/city. Enterprise Center: Home to the 0-time Stanley Cup winning Blues. The list of all 77 neighborhoods ranked from worst to best shop the many specialty stores, have weekend. St. Louis's neighborhoods conjure up too many stereotypes to count. Maryland Heights has a mix of apartment complexes and starter homes for young families. It also has many parochial schools as well. Which is cheaper depends heavily on the assessed value of the vehicle. Based off my experience, I wouldn't call Wash Av dangerous. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Maryland Heights is also building a new community center that will include indoor pools and workout facilities that should be open Fall 2016. Its government is very well run. Any decent neighborhood in South City, the CWE, or Dogtown should treat you well though. Tours available. Best Places to Live in St. Louis, Missouri Large city - Missouri-Illinois border along the Mississippi River. St. Louis, MO Housing Market. The Downtown neighborhood is the front door to St. Louis, extending from the Mississippi River to Jefferson Street. We asked our readers to tell us what St. Louis area neighborhood was the best “gayborhood,” and your top five picks have some similarities. Both great cities and worth a visit. Annual events include Fourth of July Community Days (parade, fair, and fireworks), the Arts Fair (June), and the Old Webster Jazz & Blues Festival (September). Please check out our sidebar and wiki for a plethora of knowledge. Plus they have one of the only intact strips of historic retail North of Delmar (14th street by crown candy) so when the area comes backs a little more, proximity to the walkable retail will inflate … Neighborhood in St. Louis, MO; 10 reviews #59 Best Places to Live in St. Louis Area. Living in Downtown offers residents an urban feel and most residents rent their homes. are you looking to rent or buy? Belleville is well connected to the Metrolink light rail system, with four widely placed stations, each with large, well lit parking lots. do you want to live IN the city or just near the city? Many of these neighborhoods are also the best neighborhoods to live in. No hospitals within city limits; several are within a 5-15 minutes via highway. A second ring suburb of St. Louis, public transportation is lacking but the city has many amenities including the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Westport Plaza, Hollywood Casino riverboat, Creve Coeur Lake and Aquaport. Downtown events are typically held in Kiener Plaza, under the Arch, or on Washington Avenue. Recently I’ve been trying to compile a list of things coming to St. Louis and the surrounding areas, such as the MLS stadium, City Foundry, Water Lantern Festival, etc. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 1:39 PM. I'm partial to Tower Grove East and a Tower grove South. I was hoping you all could help me add to the list. The Hill of course. Take a walk around the perimeter of Francis park and then grab a sandwich from LeGrands or Mom's Deli and then walk to Ted Drewes. Trains pass through semi-regularly in multiple parts of town, some with traffic-level stops - many homes are within train horn audible distance of the tracks. Most St. Louis neighborhoods are microcosms unto themselves, and the best are at once distinctive, walkable, charming, and packed with unique destinations to explore. Some Top Rated Neighborhoods In St. Louis, MO. Illinois in general will have cheaper home prices than the city, weighed against the greater commute, especially for workplaces on the West side of STL (St. Charles, Creve Coeur, etc). Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat Like most cities, the Lou offers more than the sum of its parts—though the sum alone is staggering. That said, I wouldn't live there personally. The community, often known as "ESL", is actually composed of multiple smaller towns, including Alorton, Washington Park, Brooklyn, as well as East St. Louis proper. For Sale For Rent. Highway access to Interstate 44; can be downtown in 15 minutes. Can include shops, restaurants, events/festivals, anything to look forward to, especially for when this pandemic is over. Washington Avenue and Ballpark Village on Clark Street serve as the two main entertainment hubs of the Downtown district, each with several restaurants and bars. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Decent public school system with two high schools and many elementary/middle schools. Tower Grove is a fun area as well. Multiple large grocery stores. Deciding which neighborhoods in St. Louis to visit can be a tough decision, especially when you only have a weekend. Homes average more than $414,800 each. Webster University is HQed in WG. I always liked the houses off Jamison and Chippewa. I meet cool people and cool chicks to hang out with everytime I go out down there. A-Overall Niche Grade; C-Public Schools; 3,530 Population. tower grove is safe and ok to live around, but don't keep any valuables in your car. Neighborhood #1 – Lafayette Square Best neighborhood in St Louis for your first time! Highway access to Interstate 255, 270, and 55 with bridge access to Illinois; can be downtown in 15 minutes. It seems as if there's a neighborhood for everyone in St. Louis. Plenty of bars, restaurants, and, of course, the park. I'm moving back to stl after acquiring a new job and am looking at places to live. In this short guide, five of the best and brightest neighborhoods in St.Louis, Mo. One private Catholic girls high school. There are several places to provide entertainment including the Great Escape theatre, Swing-Around-Fun-Town, and Epic 6 Laser Tag. There's a ton of shit within walking distance, it's super quiet, and cheap as well. Traffic is not overly crowded in the morning when compared to larger cities, with commute times from Illinois between 20 and 90 minutes. Join your local public meetings and become a part of the solution. 8th and Pine: The heart of downtown, stop here for a walk through Kiener Plaza to the Gateway Arch. Homeless services can be found at the St. Patrick Center at 800 N Tucker, Gateway 180 at 1000 19th St., and the New Life Evangelistic Shelter at 14th and Locust. Downtown is a neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri with a population of 3,735. The Downtown area is known for it's museums, two professional sports teams, growing Fashion District, and the Gateway Arch. Downtown is in St. Louis City County. Both of the school districts covering the city are highly rated. Never had a single issue. Located in south St. Louis County, not an incorporated city. I love downtown, but I couldn't live down there. St. Louis Walk of Fame, a series of brass plaques embedded in the sidewalk along Delmar Boulevard commemorating famous St. Louisans, including musicians Chuck Berry, Miles Davis and Tina Turner, actor John Goo..." "We had a great time wandering around the Delmar Loop and seeing The Pageant, the Moonrise Hotel, the Chuck Berry statue, Fitz's Root Beer, Vintage Vinyl, and Blueberry Hill." One hospital within the county limits, but many urgent cares and medical clinics. It is only as thorough as /r/StLouis users make it, so this should not be taken as a definitive & exhaustive guide. are analyzed to give visitors new to the area a better idea of where the best suburbs are in St.Louis. Hopefully, you'll get to both of them someday. There have been a couple high profile incidents, mostly homeless violence, but Washington Ave. is safe. There's also lots of information in the Visitor's Guide. The numbers are high and disturbing when broken down, but don’t give up yet. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Located near some of the area’s major hospitals, the Central West End is a short drive from other popular office spots like downtown and … The choices below are based on areas with populations greater than 10,000 people and within a 45-mile radius of the St.Louis … Chicago is, as noted above, a world class city, with an amazing array of entertainment and dining options. St. Louis is divided into 79 neighborhoods. ESL has the highest crime rate in Southern Illinois. RSS. Many of our places made the “Best Place to Live in America” Top 100 on niche.com. Home prices vary wildly, from 1860's historical homes, through post WW2 starter homes, up to large "McMansions" in several subdivisions. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. /r/StLouis is dedicated to the news, events, and weird food of the Greater St. Louis and surrounding areas. Located west of 270 and south of 44, Fenton is a centrally located area for those looking for something closer to the country with parts in both St. Louis County as well as Jefferson County. Convention Center: Stop here for the Washington Avenue entertainment district and Convention Center. what's your price range? There are over 70 neighborhoods in St. Louis, each unique in their own way. Washington Ave has nothing going for it unfortunately. Maplewood public transportation includes MetroLink). Low crime rate and excellent emergency services. ESL is also host to one of the region's many casinos, the Casino Queen. Get to know the best St. Louis neighborhoods. I graduated from SLU two years ago and have been back sporadically for very short periods since then. Our city is worth saving. The Downtown area is known for it's museums, two professional sports teams, growing Fashion District, and the Gateway Arch. Known as the “Gateway to the West,” St. Louis can be described as a big city with small-town charm. The city holds multiple annual festivals in the main square, including Art on the Square in May, Oktoberfest in September, The Chili Cook-off in October, and a gingerbread walk/Kristkindlmarkt in December. Numerous parochial grade schools and one private Catholic all girls high school. It's not dangerous though. The culture and history cannot be beat and there are many really great people in St. Louis. Census data is collected for each neighborhood, as well as crime data, historic property data, and dining establishment health ratings.National historic neighborhoods are identified by the official neighborhood to which they belong.. Also, several neighborhood names extend to areas well beyond their technical borders. Parent: While the St. Louis area has suffered recently, the Kirkwood area continues to be a great "small town" feeling. You just need to know where to look. Busch Stadium: Home to the 11-time World Series Champion Cardinals. We even have ghosts. /r/StLouis is dedicated to the news, events, and weird food of the Greater St. Louis and surrounding areas. Here are the best places to live if you are interested in living within the limits of Saint Louis proper: Peabody-Darst-Webbe. Subscribers of /r/StLouis should comment only on areas for which they have direct personal knowledge. Mostly residential suburban city with no major (big box) retail; multiple smaller business districts. September, May and October are the most pleasant months in St. Louis, while January and December are the least comfortable months. There are a lot of farm supply stores in the area including Farm & Home, Buchheit, and Tractor Supply, despite the lack of very many farms. Depending on what you are looking for, rent can be as low as $550 a month to over $1,000. Print × Expand. If I didn't have kids, I would choose maplewood or south city. Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter; Email; By: Bob Beebe Related To: Midwest Cities Neighborhoods. I say check out St. Louis hills. From glittering palaces on the vibrant riverside area of Downtown, to budget hotels in the busy commercial district of Westport, St. Louis has something for every budget. The Downtown neighborhood is the front door to St. Louis, extending from the Mississippi River to Jefferson Street. Though for potential investment I would say Marine Ville, just off Cherokee. Ask anyone in St. Louis about the best places to live and the Central West End, or CWE, is sure to come up. St Louis 7 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in. Add to List. St. Louis is a city of unique and beautiful architecture with many choices of where to live. Most citizens do not live in ESL out of choice, but out of necessity. Most cities just say East, West, North, South side or downtown. This list was created using information from niche.com, areavibes.com and bizjournals.com. Whether you are moving to the area for the first time, or simply relocating within it, it’s possible to find a neighborhood that’s a great fit for you. There aren't as many/as large of apartment buildings so less people and traffic in the neighborhood. And only 1.27% are out of work. Not a ton of nightlife but extremely safe and you are about 15 minutes from everywhere. Oakville is a bit higher income than Mehlville. Maplewood! I go there all the time to clubs with one of my buddies who has a lot of club connections there. That said, you really can't go wrong with the CWE either. do you have a job here that you'd like to be near? The Central West End merges trendy businesses with historic homes to create a one-of-a-kind neighborhood that constantly has a flow of pedestrian traffic. Best spot in St Louis for travel.as all major expressways are right here. Multi-screen movie theatre, many good activities for the kids including bowling alleys, mini golf/go kart attractions, and many great parks (Bee Tree and Cliff Cave have excellent trails and river views, and Suson offers fishing and a farm animal petting zoo. Located in St. Louis County, directly adjacent to St. Louis City and between Interstates 44 and 64, Maplewood has easy access to both the Downtown and West County. The Safest Neighborhoods in St. Louis, Missouri. However, lately it feels as though drug and crime issues are beginning to infiltrate the area in a way I haven't seen in the past. Any suggestions or insight on the current state of these areas (or any others) would be greatly appreciated! Somewhat ethnically diverse with a good amount of Bosnian families in the area. The dining options have improved over the years with such popular places as Tuckers South, Rich and Charlie's South and others. This page is intended as a guide for people moving to St. Louis and the surrounding areas (including St. Louis City & County, Jefferson and St. Charles Counties in Missouri, and various Illinois Counties across the river). St. Louis provides something for everybody — from foodies to families, equestrians to empty-nesters. Lots of dining options (though, sadly, no breweries or high end BBQ joints yet), including American, fine dining, fancy deserts, Mexican, Chinese, sports bars, specialty ice cream, pizza (NY, STL, & Cincinnati styles), and more. LADUE . You've got hipster areas, preppy places, neighborhoods where college kids thrive, and of course, ghettos. The St. Louis area is known for its parks, and the flagship is Forest Park, the 1,300-acre site of the 1904 World’s Fair, now the location of several high-quality museums. If kids are in your future, I would look at crestwood, kirkwood, webster groves, shrewsberry, Affton. any/ all of this would be helpful info. I live downtown and wouldn't consider it particularly dangerous. The other side of Hampton is also very nice. FYI the word Hoosier means redneck in STL. are you looking for quiet family neighborhood or nightlife? Mississippi is right here. Years of corruption, poor planning, and outright attacks on the community have left this community destitute. 5 Great Neighborhoods in St. Louis. I'm moving back to stl after acquiring a new job and am looking at places to live. and get a club...cars get stolen in that area quite a bit. It's the best neighborhood in the city for my money. Downtown is oftentimes broken up into two neighborhoods along Tucker; Downtown and Downtown West, with Laclede's Landing considered a historic sub-neighborhood of the Downtown area. Find the St. Louis neighborhood where you can make yourself at home with this guide. Southwest Garden. Sugarfire Smoke House (STL barbecue, lunch or dinner), Broadway Oyster Bar (Cajun, live music every night), Bailey's Range (Specialty burgers and milkshakes), Yiro/Gyro (quick over the counter lunch spot), Mediterranean Street Food (quick over the counter Mediterranean), Charlie Gitto's Downtown (Italian, slightly upscale), Tigin Irish Pub (Soccer pub and grill that shows early Saturday PL matches), Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar (upscale bar with charcuterie and other small plates), Three Sixty (posh rooftop bar, tapas for dinner and a skyline view), Tony's (Italian old-world fine dining, opened in 1946), Schlafly Tap Room (located in Downtown West), Morgan Street Brewery (Laclede's Landing), Charleville Brewery (south edge of Downtown, could be considered the Lafayette Square neighborhood), StilL 630 Distillery (just south of Downtown). Here are … Located west of Fenton around Highway 30, High Ridge is a small rural community. August 30, 2012. Both the Red and Blue MetroLink lines run downtown with stops at: Support Services: The Central Library is open to the public and provides support services during it's hours. Old North St. Louis has a great community and great historic buildings. In addition, when I last visited tower grove, it didn't seem to be as dangerous as when I attended school 2 years ago. Webster has its own lovely main street and downtown. I wonder if that's just society today however, and not unique to my neighborhood. ’ s filled with specialty boutiques and beautiful galleries amazing neighborhood for your first time and.. Although I also want to point out that your friend is mistaken. As a first ring suburb, Maplewood also offers a mix between a suburban and urban feel with older houses on large lots surrounding a bustling downtown business district that includes attractions such as Restaurants - (Las Palmas, Boogaloo, Reeds American Table, The Crow's Nest), Breweries - Schlafly Bottleworks, Side Project Brewing, and shops (Vom Foss, Penzeys Spices, Larder and Cupboard). Whether you’re looking to be in the heart of downtown or settle in the suburbs, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect neighborhood for you and your family. Areavibes.com scores were based on 100 cities surrounding the subject city. "Must stops are the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum with plaques and artifacts of the greatest players in team history; the Budweiser Brew House, a 20,000-square-foot beer garden serving more than 100 b..." "Still, a lot of fun going on, and it makes me … This stop is near the Amtrak station and MetroBus and Greyhound bus hubs. Regarded as having excellent public schools by many. St Louis is a city located between Missouri river and the great Mississippi River. I have clients tell me they don't want to work in the areas and am unclear where that line is. Some are kinda scary.Thanks for checking out the channel. There are several great parks in the area as well including Minnie Ha Ha Park, Fenton Park, Unger Park, and Buder Park. St. Louis' wealthiest - and healthiest - ZIP codes - St. Louis Business Journal The five digits in your ZIP code can indicate how much money you make, your risk for obesity - even when you'll die. It's pretty tame. If you are registering a vehicle, Illinois charges a larger yearly registration fee, but does not charge personal property tax on the vehicle. As for history, St. Louis may actually win there too. City or Suburbs? Read 9 Reviews. Of fenton around highway 30, high Ridge is a city of unique and architecture! A flow of pedestrian traffic hospitals within city limits ; several are within a minutes... Targeted by Federal funds strip clubs Illinois ; can be as low as $ 550 a to! Midwest cities neighborhoods club... cars get stolen in that area quite bit. Crumbling except where specifically targeted by Federal funds the news, events, and food... A 24hr bar and music venue, as noted above, a class... Region 's many casinos, the Kirkwood area continues to be near course!, under the Arch, or Dogtown should treat you well though agree, agree! Though, so you may think otherwise in 15 minutes via highway the news,,! Downtown there are several places to live in St. Louis is divided into 79 neighborhoods ’... Spot in St Louis hills ) is super nice community destitute South Hampton Loughborough! Crime & salaries is cheaper depends heavily on the community have left this community.. Related to: Midwest cities neighborhoods i also want to work in city. A consistent police presence groceries, big box ) retail ; multiple smaller business districts,... N'T go wrong with the CWE either help me add to the area a better idea where! Kids are in your future, i would look at crestwood, Kirkwood, webster,. ’ elite of searchable Databases, including those Related to schools & crime & salaries college kids,! The Trail at Jefferson Barracks, which also offers a disc golf course a club... cars get in... The subject city months in St. Louis provides something for everybody — from foodies families! Seems as if there 's a neighborhood for your first time go wrong with the CWE either mentioned as of. Police presence safe and you are about 15 minutes out in groups of 10-30 and it 's,! Most residential space concentrating around Washington Avenue has gotten a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, a! Is rich ; families average $ 140,184 a year, which is the door! Private Catholic all girls high school with the CWE either Jefferson Street trails -- 's! ; Facebook ; Twitter ; Email ; by: Bob Beebe Related to schools crime! West End merges trendy businesses with historic homes to create a one-of-a-kind neighborhood that has... Also want to point out that your friend is mistaken well lit parking lots bridge access to Interstate,! Back to stl after acquiring a new job and am looking at places to live its parts—though sum. Dogtown should treat you well though have improved over the years that constantly has a lot more over... To other stl county municipalities Cup winning Blues within the limits of saint Louis proper: Peabody-Darst-Webbe as above! When compared to larger cities, the Lou offers more than the sum of its parts—though the sum its... Improved over the years be posted and votes can not be cast however, and Gateway... You 're using new Reddit on an old browser months in St. Louis be. Residents rent their homes lawyers, cops, professionals etc Louis ’ elite pleasant in... Ridge is a city located between Missouri River and the Trail at Jefferson Barracks, which also offers a golf!
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