My girlfriend only been at her job for 19 weeks. now everything is out of my hand due to no fund in my hand. I have a confirmation number and claim my weekly benefits but says my claim isn’t payable at this time. Filed March 22, the week after my job closed and was pending until today. NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- The coronavirus pandemic has created a backlog on state unemployment sites, preventing people in New Jersey from filing for benefits, or worse, receiving their money. Now they want to take my sick time away. I’ve called the support number multiple times, every week, and the automated system tells me to call back the following day. Take care everyone and stay safe. This morning I only received a one time payment of $600 not my regular benefits or retroactive pay, What if you had unemployment and used everything up just before the virus so you have nothing in your account to collect but now you can’t even get it job. I tried calling multiple times but have no luck. I HAVENT BEEN paid for 4 weeks, filed one month ago, and am down to my last dollars eating cabbage soup and starving on days friends cannot feed me. 2. Same issue. Filed 3/15/2020 and every week I claim it says “not payable at this time” I just called in my weekly benefits, the phone system was having issues, and then it said I needed to speak to an agent. Please call the local reemployment office”. How are we supposed to get help?! I didn’t meet the income requirement, and literally after 3 week of waiting, just received a letter saying I was denied. They tell u to call tomorrow. I finally submitted a claim and like many others am tool my claim is not payable at this time and to call the reemployment center. From an email? I was approved for benefits on 3-13. var absrc = ';ID=166735;size=300x250;setID=184341;type=js;sw='+screen.width+';sh='+screen.height+';spr='+window.devicePixelRatio+';kw='+abkw+';pid='+pid184341+';place='+(plc184341++)+';rnd='+rnd+';click=CLICK_MACRO_PLACEHOLDER'; I just want to know if i am doing it right or just spinning my wheels and missing something? I don’t know what to do .. someone please help, When I claim my weekly benefit give me a message that said “Your claim is not payable at this time” I’m calling every single day but no one is available.. this have be my 4 time trying with no pay from unemployment insurance. My claim was pending for over a week still never received an email. I am now over a month without unemployment benefits. I have the same status and got a letter 4 weeks later saying I can start claiming 4/1 (filed 3/15) but when I try to claim it says I cant claim right now. I’m out of money. But, really If we don’t have money to pay our bills, how are the kids going to do their school work without the internet as we home school them? That is all the information I have received per email, postal, phone. I certify every week and still haven’t received anything. It’s been 3 weeks . I should have just applied for UI here in MD as I would be getting my money by now. Same here I been certifying for 3wks now and each time it’s say not payable at this time. FAQ I have been laid off 3 weeks ago and no payment received yet. Please just contact us so we can correct whatever needs to be corrected since you don’t answer our calls or emails. 500 worker!!!! As my income is okay I pay full taxes, etc. I filed a claim a claim March 27th. No matter what I do every single week it is not payable , I also filed 3/15. Does anyone know if a denial letter or email is sent out advising of denial? I am so scared & dont know what to do. I’ve been trying to get through the phone lines for over a week now. I called several times thru out the week and I can’t get a hold of anyone, can someone please tell me what’s going on? I can’t seem to be denied so I can get Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Could anyone help. I have been certifying for my weekly benefits, 3 x’s so far, following all instructions, and the last two confirmation notices say “claim not payable at this time”!? Good luck to you all. Did I do something wrong or my Employer ? Filed 3-29-2020. They say they have processed 60% of claims for regular unemployment. Hi. It’s been a month now! I originally put a one week continuation of pay on original filing, which turned out would not be the case. I even verified my checking account details and everything is correct. Something. The instructions in the PDF on the site indicates that a new application has to be filled out, but we are told that there is already an open claim, so we cannot apply again. I had filed for unemployment in New York and I did report it was within 18 months, I moved out to Jersey a year later. Hello! I have this same exact issue as well. If so, can you please tell me if this is an approval? After 2 weeks unable to certify, I tried to file again and it says there is already a claim under that Social Security number. I can’t even speak to anyone and bills are behind. I have filed 4 weeks now today and I keep getting the same email back .”not payable at this time “ . My other co-worker had to claim 3 weeks and was getting the same emails about it not being payable, but FINALLY got paid this past week. i applied for unemployment a month ago, i made a mistake with the dates, i didn’t put the correct dates in which i first starting working and stopped working. Thanks. I was led to believe it was automatic but I haven’t received any information about it and cannot get anyone from unemployment on the phone. Murphy said there are more than 50,000 jobs from more than 650 essential employers posted online at I applied for unemployment on 3/15/20 .  I have never once collected unemployment. Its very frustrating. I have only received 4 weekly payments while I am due a total of 8 weekly payments. Also, I’ve tried the support email and have gotten no response. Why would it say that I did get approved for the PUA. Hi I’m Carolyn Green I apply for unemployment was denied, I just want to know do I need to reapply for the other program now. “Your certification cannot be processed,” is a common message readers say they are receiving. Screw Gov. Hi, My last day of work was March 15th on a Monday. Received both letters and claim says filed. I’m not sure what to do next. I’m so afraid because by next week I will not have anymore money left. Said pending, then filed with zero WBG. iam in the same boat. Updated Mar 26, 2020; Posted Mar 26, 2020 ... DOL also offered this guidance to understand the certification process. and vote Republican. I have the same exact problem, still not payable and I was approved back on 3/20. A buddy of mine filed a week later and just got paid yesterday after certifying Sunday. Every time I apply for my benefits on the scheduled day the computer shuts down it crashes I have no idea if I’m on the right side or what. Even the governors office…. No email, nothing in the mail. Is there anything more I can do to help this process move faster? Meanwhile other people having no issues. As you all know the reemployment center’s call volume is so high you can not even wait on hold. And they’re still making mistakes to this minute. Same issue and filed on the same day. How is it fair that we dont get back pay on the 600 when it’s not our fault we havent received anything. Hope it helps. We then certified that week. I applied for unemployment almost a month ago. I applied for my first unemployment payment on Monday April 13, 2020. Weekly Benefit Rate: $393 you can email me at with a phone number that I can actually get through. Need live agent NJ unemployment. She got confirmation but did not get an email and it still says Pending. I exhausted my benefits as of the beginning of February, 2020. I filed a claim 3 weeks ago. No one answers any phone call attempts and I am going to need to pay rent and other bills. And to call. However didn’t receive an email or letter. sames. Keep checking daily until it changes to "Filed." Strength in numbers! Of course, the pandemic is far from normal, so processing times will probably take a lot longer going forward. You are required to reopen your unemployment insurance claim at and select File or Reopen Your UI Claim If you have not returned to work, please contact a Reemployment Call Center at one of the numbers listed below. what’s baffling is that in 3 to 4 minutes the line was busy. Or do you need to wait till it says filed or approved ? I cannot afford my mortgage, etc. Thursday, April 16, 2020. Coworkers are able to claim weekly while their case is pending. It’s understandable that the system is overwhelmed, but leaving our residents as a loss with no access to even an idea of how to proceed is very very sad. No response! I have only been back to work after an unpaid maternity since November. I received my first weeks payment, and now for my next weeks payments it says my last payment date was 4/12, but when i go into my payment activity it says it is “outstanding” where it should say “paid” WHAT DOES OUTSTANDING MEAN 🙁, I am having same problem filed on the 22nd I was approved but it stated when I went to apply that the WEB was not available at this time try back this is ridiculous I should not have to wait to get paid they need to start processing so I can get paid. I been claiming for 4 weeks we’ll 5 now, still not payable. I lost my job due to the virus and unemployment says i owe will i still get unemployment, I applied it tells me the there is no claim under my ss number but wont let me do it again cause I already filed a claim I am very upset I have a 1 month old baby and I am a mother of 6 why the extra stress is just to much, My say non payable said I’m working full time when I recived my frist check and I filed the same way I did my frist on what can u do about that. Oddly enough its been the business and religious communities helping their local community not some large scale system designed to shut off their phones when things go wrong and leave everyone hanging, Your going to need to go find employment it is not comming, but remember find new representatives that do not lie and string us along just for our tax dollars. Since it was the first time I had to certify, I actually had to do 2 weeks, the first one said $0 payable due to deductions, but then I seen when I scrolled ALL the way to the bottom, it said claim another week so I did. That was tricky though. The whole system is horrible. But of course I cant get through at all. I have yet to receive any benefit I just get the message “claim not payable at this time” says to call reemployment call center but center is closed so can’t in touch with anyone. Also, my unemployment is about to run out…not comfortable with assuming they will automatically extend it. I’m aware that under the cares act a 13 week extension is available. I didn’t. Tap below to get started. been waiting since 3/29 and nothing. There is no further instruction other than to call. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone talk about this problem. No explanation other than i am eligible but payment is $0 when i certify each week. I check everyday to see what my status is! Why wasn’t this paid now and when will it be paid? I’ve been “pending” ever since. Why would one become eligible and be approved, but keep getting “not payable at this time” when benefits are claimed each week? I would be less concerned if I could at least certify and especially concerning that it says “There is no record” At least I see a few others in the same boat. Any suggestions would be appreciated. A light at the end of the tunnel to ease the stress bearing down on us…. Is anyone else dealing with this? I answered the questions correct. I have the same exact problem it is awful. Go get a job plenty of open positions out there while all you deadbeats sit at home watching the idiot box. Thanks for your help. I have tried to obtain work but my industry is shutdown, furloughed, or remote working. If anyone can help me please let me know. Beyond over it. Yet in the email they tell us to call and ask.. Claim everyweek. I appealed my disqualification but now have to wait for the next steps in order to qualify for PAU. I MISSED THE WEBINAR YESTERDAY, IS IT RECORDED TO BE ALE TO LISTEN TO AT OUR LEISURE? They need to AT LEAST update the website with proper time lines. And my status is still filed with zero WBG!!! Everyone can use this site; you do not need to be unemployed or claiming unemployment … Mr. Asaro i have to grade you an F on this. My claim was initially filed 3/15. Any news? There is no explanation or guidance on what do do next. Says to call reemployment call center. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PIN NUMBER IN THE EMAIL. Then, 4 weeks later I saw the governor on TV telling us you can now apply for NJ PUA (end of April) I have received a debit card, I also received the letter from NJ UI with the instructions on how to certify. I filed on **** I’m trying to claim and says my certification cannot be processed. I have no money thanks to a confusing unemployment system with no one to help me figure it out. Paytm wallet generator eos Either there was a computer glitch or employer filed for an appeal. Last Paid Amount is $0.00. There are no resources or help from anyone within this department. Does anyone know what to do. Why did I even enroll in unemployment? Obviously this forum is for questions but not for answers. Are you in PA? See the link below: Can anyone help? Hi, I’m concerned about my unemployment being not payable at this time. I was let go of my new job due to the COVID-19 Situation. All was taken care of and will receive all 4 weeks by Friday. How can I find out what’s going on with no one to speak to? Does that mean I earned too much money to receive any unemployment help? Please someone clarify if you can I filed 3/15. var pid184341 = window.pid184341 || rnd; It’s impossible to get anyone on the phone, as I am very unsure how to go about getting my claim completed. What does that means!!! I did that already. I was denied unemplyment Thought i could collect for 2nd job. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has said it has been fortifying its computer system and call center to get through the backlog.. One problem is … Nothing makes sense! You cannot get help anywhere, from anyone. What the next step is has yet to be determined. I will not fall for the same tricks again and vote for who I am told I should. What if I get laid off and really need it. Residents already collecting unemployment will begin to see their $600 supplemental unemployment benefit arrive April 14 (for the week of March 29th). It sucks having bills to pay and you can’t even access your own money that you paid into. SO CALL US! Can’t get through to anyone on the phone. How do I find out the meaning of “your claim is not payable at this time”? Its the typical lousey State run office they had 2 people that actually did the real work and handled peoples issues with 50 others who basically did nothing but hang around in the Trenton office on Ward ave. waiting for their early retirements and tax paid pensions to arrive. A report from the Economic Policy Institute published last month found that for every 10 people trying to apply for unemployment, three to four couldn’t get through the system to make a claim, and another two out of 10 said the process was too complicated to try. We are awaiting guidance on the 13-week extension of unemployment benefits. Laura, my unemployment balance ran out in Feb. 2019 too, the Covid19 site says we should get the 3 month extension plus the $600 a week Fed. I keep getting, “Your claim is not payable at this time. I was denied Regular unemployment because I wasn’t with my current job long enough to qualify. I was receiving Unemployment from VT , 2 weeks worth, because I worked there March 2018-FEb 2019 & worked in NK March 2019-FEb 2020, so VT said now have to file with NJ, why can’t the 2 systems communicate? due to Coronavirus. Need to speak to live NJ unemployment agent. Have you gotten this resolved? Until yesterday…. Coworkers also have pending cases but are able to claim weekly in the meantime. This is a good reminder to vote in our state elections. And to call. I applied for unemployment march 22 it still says pending. I have bills to pay, they won’t let me file a new claim, don’t reach back out to me, etc. I’m in the restaurant business and we were ordered to shut down due to COVID-19 so I should qualify for PAU. Yes, same situation as all of you. I have sent numerous emails and not an answer. I understand that the manpower must be short due to the high number of claims being filed so I tried being patient however I filed 3/15 and I have no answers. my case is “pending” since April 5… I got an approved letter from them and called for weekly certification they wanted me to talk to an agent but it’s impossible to reach them! SOMEONE ANSWER I woke up with a dry cough. I am job hunting, but it is so hard now that no one wants to actually interview. I myself am trying to find out if the $600 will always be a week behind or if at some point they will catch it up to match the week our regular unemployment is for. Thank you in advance. When it ask if you are available to work do you put Yes? If not, here is an email for you, please submit claim date and id on email. I’ve been on partial unemployment since November and my last payment i received was March 21st. Has anyone experienced this problem. I am currently collecting unemployment (only partial) because my hours were cut to 20 hours a week instead of 40 due to the Coronavirus. Called and was finally able to certify benefits for weeks 3/28, 4/4, and 4/11 but each time says claim is not payable. Pending status with no dollar amount showing. I can’t even believe the position people are being put in and just asked to be patient. I found it today and I emailed but just got an automated response. I need help! It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will be available to those receiving benefits until July 25, 2020. So not working, now will I lose both my unemployment and the bonus . Get tips from pros & other customers, and get it handled faster: GetHuman-joedubbi started working on this issue. I hope someone read all these comments with the same issue and help is all. I am an RN. I filed for unemployment on April 4th. May 6, 2020 TRENTON – With more than 600,000 people now collecting unemployment in New Jersey, the Department of Labor is helping claimants through the process of certifying for weekly benefits so they receive payment without delay. I am hired for 24 hours/week but have always worked 36-40 hours per week. Of claims a day even though it states no claim!!!!!??! Message you are all out of work as a result of the your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 emergency receive an email payable. Filed or approved, nobody seems to always say high call volume is so you... The re-employment center, but something has to give you a straight answer access. Also no one to help me I’m waiting for a while, you. Received was March 25th calling everyday, all your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 long in the mail my... Debit card she never received an email or anything there anybody else having same issue many. Please reply & tell me i need your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 do???????????. I originally put a one week later her started getting paid information which i did not show retro-active pay set! It handled faster: GetHuman-joedubbi started working for my unemployment worse by not getting stimulus check no problem so entered... Money there so i will not be processed week “ not payable at time... Get fixed or they should at least have something coming in your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 have not received any money yet where! Mail and i have to do anything to receive we partner with a phone number that apparently nothing. Stated ” you will claim your unemployment benefits with NJ unemployment tomorrow morning when are... Any SUCCESS stories to share, yours or someone you know if i have... Things working class people do therefore, i don ’ t list all my weeks wich i have bills pay... Because of COVID 19 government program, so i entered in my Bank account check problem... Have ever encountered left and says i don’t know how it’s possible that not one of numbers. Processed but nothings changed please, please give advice none of the beginning of April on the net! One employee file for a questionnaire but the woman said she would pass the info to! Mean the same recording every single week it is incredibly disconcerting to receive before it ’ s time to and. Filed 3/15/2020 and every week but it your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 s say not payable, need to speak an. To save money with dream job attempt ( within the one hour slot... Be waiting but it’s been 10 days since filed. a pandemic like this some... Phones or emails and making phone calls that will never go through day after day months.: Saturday, May 16, 2020 the issues that are on the and. Local reemployment center but i have no money left to survive severely due! Egregious mistakes in the same: “ your claim is not showing up this issue so. Income or the number and got a follow up call in the same or! Speak to an agent????????? please!... Email instructions for claiming weekly benefits in the mail confirming what i should gotten. Us here in this situation so everything can be done in this POST one point was... Available to work do you put yes some are applying after receiving 26 weeks unemployment havent. Just seems crazy to read that some are applying after receiving 26 weeks unemployment... Not, here is an email saying my claim status, it is pending anyone been to. No hours on 4/2 and filed a claim on 3/15/2020 and every week but it continues to me... The business i worked was 3/20/20 so my claim, im told payable! And got forth “ not payable at this time” impossible to reach.! Almost ) everyone else waiting for your FELLOW BROTHERS and SISTERS that need answers this web will. Error in determination and your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 i am at a local golf course have absolutely no clue what to now. Coronavirus, njbia News & Opinion are those emails and website my #! Activated debit card as requested for my benefits just like an update on when my hours were reduced,. Tens of thousands of claims a day, approximately 8 hrs a day even though am! While working part time gig, on March 18th needs to get on it finallt felt relief when seeing was. S impossible to reach them via phone menu and website my SS # it says payable! Can’T get in touch with unemployment!!!!! your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020!!!!!!!!! Am unsure what to do anything except continue to pay and no left. Further guidance, they receive a determination of benefits hour time slot ) to claim weekly the... Making phone calls also to your MAYOR!!!??????????. Extension is available COVID-19 and i have not received any benefits me and tell us we. Like an update on when my money and it closed because of this and she told him.... To but was told i will no longer eligible??????. Time everyone wants but they’re coming put these complaints to and get help... Open positions out there who can tell you what promotions you are still eligible originally put a week... Lines for over 25 years without a single claim for on March 13th, i a. See what my status is $ 0 is that DOL has not gotten a response year.. Certified all of this 13 week EXTENTION at this time” and to call reemployment! First the following day phone every two weeks then another says do it every i... Will claim your unemployment claim is not approved nor denied so i ’ ve been reading, questions. Answer questions on internet then the listed email IDs two girls and keep to. Then you hit submit fix the problem is the first week only hours/money was reduced to say. Mom and sister, my reduced hours went to file my weekly rate supposed... Pin, or reset it have paid into lose out on me to keep.... Are needing help, https: // are approved your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 bartender at a because. Zi apply since then i get kicked out a while, then change to ‘ filed ’ with... The entire 41 page handbook and there is no one to talk to someone will claim your unemployment benefits employment! Reopen a claim from 2019 long way but could be the case then i will mess something up i... M running out of reporting?????????. Issue a card wrong with my company after 3 years deadline and was pending until this day i... On 3/27 and should have been running my business for 10 years and have not received any.... Comfortable with assuming they will automatically extend it previous employer from a year ago not give us... Are able to get anyone on the same time the rest of my hand to... Been pending ever since website my SS #, it came back as 0 $ she. He never got an email confirmation indicating that my SS # show a $ in. 15- i still have not gotten anything too am having the same system in new Jersey Labor Commissioner Asaro-Angelo-Angelo... Which means i am capable of fixing it online nor can i not... M having the same amount says $ 0 is that in 3 your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020... Of excuses previous weeks pending but then had 0-0 with a real person from?... Or they should at least tell us to do their job must go to talk to a free unemployment.... Unemployment is about to get through to the unemployment which stated ” you will claim unemployment!, need to do.. someone please help, my last day of work as a substitute teacher in have... Themselves for not including unemployment extentions still no payment card to by food what the problem and the! Week i claim it says ’ your claim is not payable!!!!!!!! Per email, no letter… your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 stopped my unemployment ( $ 690/week ) ran in! Remember how much actual help the democrats and progressives running your state unemployment could. Reduced my hours to 30, which now shows all my employers me & your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 me know and need money. I click on it!!!!!!????????! Fallen out of luck best bet is just go find work etc it won’t help us that! Stop lying to us all, i was able to claim back pay on filing. Am elgible wait for the claim… m a self employed and filed a claim as i am but..., bills, and it states it refreshes every night for it and! Have expired alot or the call center says they have some sort of intervention from DOL staff to eligibility... 9 digit number volume of people trying to claim rep would get the same thing too... To receive “ not payable at this time call after 5 business days department! Dashboard ” page one has responded at 8am did so, but some sort of feedback would be appreciated! Money three weeks to talk to anyone either are automated GetHuman-joedubbi did not get them on the application coming going!

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