The serve should “on paper” be very easy, but in real life it is just really tricky, and also a crazy mind game. Service is a HUGE chapter, so let me warn you that this page only touches on the tip of the iceberg. This paragraph is for those who have been playing for awhile now as after you’re able to consistency serve over you may be wondering what’s next? Badminton Positioning for Mixed Doubles Serve & Return. A Detailed breakdown with explanation of the High Serve. Do you want to improve your game? If you already know how to play badminton but want to do it even better, you have to find a way to maximize your strengths and exploit your opponent's weaknesses. The trick is to use a reference as a guide and stick to it. The problem with this serve is that it causes an unfair disadvantage to the receiver not because of good strategic nor tactical serve. Trick serves, crazy shots and more, we gathered our top 5 trickshots from 2020 in this compilation video. Point is, your service can always be better. You are about to make a high serve… and your opponent is right handed. Personally I feel it’s an underhand trick people use to win that i definitely don’t endorse because it causes unhappiness and dispute among players which are not worth it. Alternatively If they keep avoiding you and does a straight net shot, then after the serve quickly re-position yourself to go for the straight shot since it’s a recurring pattern. By serving right. because my aim here is to get the basic idea of service correct to help set you up to learn on your own effectively. The badminton serve marks the start of a rally, it’s Simple yet, very difficult! This video explains the drive serve but demonstrates the flick serve half the time, only the lady did the drive serve (Not a good one for you to see the ‘cheat’ in it sadly), Guess that someday I’ll have to find the time to make a drive serve for you all you all to see! The badminton serve marks the start of a rally, it’s Simple yet, very difficult! Also, familiarize yourself with the different playing formations and strategies used to win rallies. Kevin Sanjay Sukamuljo rose to fame in badminton from nowhere.Nobody saw him coming. Community. In doubles, this trick will force your opponents to lift and push your team to the offense. For example, you’re standing at X. Other crazy shots from our channel: The flick serve follows a similar upward trajectory as the high serve, but is not nearly as powerful. Ce peut être une arme décisive qu'il soit long, court ou tendu. Hold the feather of the shuttlecock with the head of the shuttlecock facing downwards. The serve sets Read more…. Let go of the shuttlecock and swing your racquet arm upwards. +65 9632 5481     Email    <<<   Click to WhatsApp/Email Us. 2) Do a full swing (Think of drawing a semi-circle) to maximize power and consistency, instead of using just the wrist. Badminton low serve trick shot, watch it here like Peter Gade and his amazing trickshot around the shuttle. Sections of this page. As you let go of the shuttlecock, flick your racquet lightly while pushing your thumb forward towards the direction you want the shuttle to land. Whether it’s in singles or doubles try stopping yourself from attempting to execute these skills / shots next time you play!! 6.2K likes. We are living in Denmark and started this project in June, 2017. However, some badminton players (especially taller players) can execute powerful smashes even from the back of the court (usually with a jumping smash). I had to practice many times at various stages of my career, I was playing daily at 11 years old. Not being able to get access to a Badminton court shouldn’t mean you don’t practise. Before you start watching the videos I compiled for you(Yay videos!) Position the racquet behind the shuttlecock. No flaws here! So you decided to take up the great game that is Badminton, the only problem is you have not played the game before or it’s been a while! Videos. Therefore, to be executed properly, you must plan to devote a lot of time to practice. April 20th, 2020 | 0 Comments. There’s three proper types of service and one foul type of service that are commonly seen. A simple example, in doubles if you do a short serve near the T section in the middle and often realize people flick the shuttle right above your head. To be a knockout badminton player, you have to have lighting-fast feet, strong technique, and a cunning sense of strategy. When you stand in a low serve position, your opponent would probably expect a low serve. This serve is used to drive your opponent back. It is a domain having com extension. Let’s get to that then. Badminton Trick Shot – Forehand Hit on Backhand Side. //